Magnifying glass showing the phrase words have powerLanguage is incredibly important and directly affects the way you feel and operate in the world. Language is the architecture of your thoughts, your feelings, how you communicate, and your dreams and aspirations. Therefore, you need to use it in a way that’s useful. Your choice of words is a big insight into how you’re feeling and how you’ll be received by others.

The Power of Words

A brilliant example of the power of language is demonstrated in a study by Professor Thomas Weiss. His team recognised that if certain words were used that suggested painful sensations such as ‘excruciating’ or ‘cramp’, they would trigger a pain response.

Based on this information, imagine you’re referred to a pain specialist. When you visit them, you park in the pain car park, go to the pain reception, wait in the pain waiting room – you get the picture. By the time you see the specialist the word pain has been reinforced so many times, it will increase the levels of pain you experience.

Changing Your Language

Imagine how many times you have asked someone how much something hurts, or how anxious they feel, this language is just going to be reinforcing the problem. In order to answer they will be checking in with themselves, it’s a bit like dipping their toe into hurt or anxiety before they report back. Instead, try switching your question around and ask them how comfortable they are or how calm they feel – this will stop them from adding to any discomfort they are already experiencing.

By using language in this way, you’re not ignoring the issue – you’re still going to get an answer that will tell you where the other person is. But, phrasing questions in this way doesn’t reinforce the problem.

Considering this, think about what words you can change to start you moving forward in your life. Think about what you say to yourself as well as to others and identify some alternatives that you could use. Try them and notice how different things feel to you, and how differently you’re received by others.


Your body is constantly listening to, and responding to the words you use, so make sure you pick good ones. A few small changes to your language can make a huge difference to your life and health. Next time someone asks you how you are, what are you going to answer that will help you feel great?

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