Meet the Team

Phil and his team have about over 45 years of experience between them helping clients to resolve their issues with the Lightning Process.

Phil is the designer of Lightning Process and has been working with clients using these skills for the last 23 years.  He would love to work with you personally – he runs courses less frequently now because of his other work but you can find out more about joining his next course here.

Kate Gare and Jude Hogarth work very closely with Phil.  They mostly run Lightning Process courses live online, in groups or 1:1.  They offer free ‘Discover the LP’ sessions regularly – an opportunity to find out more about the LP and how it works.  You can also book a free phone call to talk further about the Lightning Process and your requirements.

You can find out more about each of them through clicking the links below…

“I highly recommend working with Phil Parker!  He is the leader of this field by a distance.  Thanks to Phil, I am healthy, happy, living a life I love with a family I thought I might not get to have.  I owe him my life and will be forever grateful for his life-changing work!”

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“Jude’s warmth and deep experience make her an outstanding practitioner.”

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“Kate’s extensive professional experience in helping people recover from serious illness makes her a world-leading trainer.”

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