Acceptance is an incredibly powerful option especially when it comes to coping with challenging situations.  Acceptance helps us work through crises and view them from a different perspective.  Life is unpredictable, nothing is permanent and lots of things will have an impact on us.

Fighting and constantly pushing through or away only builds resistance and is exhausting.  Practicing acceptance will help you to work through life’s challenges in the most useful way.

Imagine you are standing and staring at a locked door.  No matter how hard you knock, it doesn’t open.  You try breaking it down, bashing against it with your shoulder getting tired and bruised, but still, it stays closed.  Instead, try accepting that door is closed and look around to see what other options you have.  Are there other doors, gates, or windows of opportunity?  What are your choices?

Acceptance doesn’t mean you want, like or choose what’s happening

I’m not suggesting for one minute that you’re endorsing something that’s bad in your life.  When you struggle, fight and resist the challenges, you’re suffering.  The resistance built up will add an additional layer of stress to the existing challenge, trapping you in a destructive spiral and making things worse.

Acceptance doesn’t mean forever

Focus on living in the present with an open and realistic gaze at the future.  Make peace with how the future is looking, things may or may not change, be ok with it.  From there, you can start to move forward again.

For me this has been so useful.  By recognising that my joints will never be perfect, I stopped trying to fight them and instead, worked on being the best version of me possible.  Did this mean I gave up?  No!  I couldn’t change my joints, but I could influence my levels of comfort and how I looked after them.

Acceptance isn’t weakness

You are not weak or conforming to a life of mediocrity because you make a choice to accept certain situations.  Acceptance is finding your inner strength to be ok with things which are far from ideal.

Acceptance doesn’t mean you can’t act

Allowing things to be doesn’t mean you’re resigned to them and can’t take steps to change or influence the situation.  Put a plan in place to work alongside whatever is going on.  You can accept things and still work towards changing them by working on what you can influence.

Practicing acceptance

Working from a place of calm compassion, choose not to judge the situation but instead look for the lesson or purpose to help you embrace what is happening.  Let go of trying to control everything and focus on the things you can influence.

Think of something or someone that you accept unconditionally and allow yourself (or the situation) this quality of acceptance.  Practice acceptance towards yourself, towards others, your thoughts, your emotions and in all areas of your life.  Consciously practicing acceptance will require work but will get easier the more you do it.

Acceptance will help you create a sense of calm to flow through life’s challenges.

 “Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.”  Michael J Fox

If you struggle with acceptance, contact us to find out how we can help you.