cluttered room with piles of things

I am a late adopter of…decluttering!

We’ve all been there…

…the corner of your desk where you’ve just been stacking random papers until they’re a foot high

…the bowl by the kettle that was once for keys but is now so full of stuff that you can’t find anything when you need it

…the cupboard you can’t open because it’s so full of bits and bobs that you crammed in while ‘tidying’.

Clutter gathers so very easily, and when it does it can become overwhelming and hang over you. It becomes a distraction, always in the back of your mind, and you might find yourself procrastinating, struggling to focus, or feeling stuck. If these feelings resonate with you, it might be time to tackle the clutter!

But decluttering can be a daunting task, especially if, like me, you have an awful lot to get through. And there really is a skill to it. Where do you start? What if you just don’t have the time to dedicate an entire day to sort your paperwork? Or, and this is such a trap, ‘I can’t declutter this until I have decluttered that…’

How to Start Decluttering

So, it’s not so much that I am a late adopter of decluttering but rather I have finally realised how essential it is to break the job up.

Start by making a list of the areas you want to target and order them by what is really important to you. Either start at the top of the list or, if you want an easy win to build some momentum, pick the easiest job first and then go back and work your way down.

Once you have decided on your starting point you want to break it down even further. Pick one element, for example, if your target area is your office, start with your desk or that about-to-topple pile of filing. Always chunk the job into individual tasks within each area and work through them one-by-one – it’ll feel much more manageable!

Another helpful tactic is to adopt the little-and-often approach. Just twenty minutes a day adds up to ten hours a month; imagine how much you could clear in ten hours!

Decluttering will give you a great sense of achievement, and the effects on your life and mental state can be utterly transformational. Having a clear space and being able to find things easily will make your day-to-day life far easier, allow you to focus better, and help you to feel calmer.

Top Tips for Decluttering:

  • Make a list of the areas you want to tackle
  • Break the clearing down into individual, manageable tasks
  • Set a specific amount of time every day to declutter and build it into your daily routine
  • Allow yourself to recognise what you have achieved at every stage of the clearing!

Good luck, and happy decluttering!

And, we’re here to support you if you want to find out how the Lightning Process can support you to live a life you love – including getting into the right mindset to tackle big projects like decluttering – contact us to arrange a chat.