I recently created a Part 1 download which is aimed at those between of the ages of 6-17 years of age.  It looks at:

  • What the LP is and how it works
  • The science and research behind the Process
  • How our nervous system can used to create change
  • How to recognise when we are switching on the ‘wrong’ kinds of neurological pathways that keep us stuck
  • The importance of language in health and change, and how to use it to move forwards
  • The power of becoming a kind & inspirational coach for yourself
  • Case histories from others of the same age who have used the LP to make a change with a range of issues

Over the years we have worked with lots of children and young people to gain success with the challenges they are facing.  If you are starting to research the Lightning Process and it’s suitability for you, or your child, then this download is the best place to start. Get the download here: https://www.philparker.org/product/part-1-of-the-lightning-process-for-all-issues-6-to-17-yrs-version

I would also recommend arranging a time to speak to one of my team – you can book in a discovery call and ask any questions that you have thrugh clicking on their individual pages from here: https://lightningprocess.co.uk/meet-the-team

I hope you find it useful.  Please do get in touch if we can help.