I’d have loved to have known how to deal with stress from a young age.  Imagine knowing how to be calm when you are a child.  Or even a teenager. Maybe I could have stopped feeling under so much pressure during my A Levels that I had panic attacks.

My one year old twins have already had fun with yoga and I love the fact they will have the chance to learn how to choose to be calm.

Deepak Chopra speaks about teaching children meditation:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch9bDTJ62rw . He starts by talking about something many adults need to remember too.

“Remember you are always your own best friend and best friends say loving,

positive things to one another”.

There are many ways to help children to become more grounded and calm, from movement, dance, breath or body awareness, to listening to sounds or the environment.  Chopra recommends no more than 5 minutes for under 5s and less than 10 minutes for under 10s.

He also makes the point that children often mirror the stress of their parents.  It’s so often true. If this sounds like you, why not take some time out to de-stress whether it’s using the Lightning Process (if you know it), meditating, walking in nature, reading, focusing on breathing or listening to your favourite music? Anything that helps you enjoy the present.