I did the Lightning Process with Phil Parker in May 2006, that’s ten years ago this month. And, goodness, what a ten years it’s been. That’s pretty much a quarter of my life ago (without divulging my actual age). I had spent much of the proceeding years living what felt like a half life, existing and managing rather than actually living.

I’ve certainly been living the last ten years. I’ve had the most amazing times and also some of the most worrying. From finding the love of my life and bringing our twins into the world, to moving cities, travelling to far off places to supporting people with long-term illnesses and parents of children with disabilities. The darker times have included almost losing my partner and my children, on separate occasions but intensive care units in the same hospital – thank goodness for the NHS.

As I look back, I’m so proud of myself and so grateful to have been able to live the past ten years in the way I have.

I believe self-reflection is good. I often set a challenge to my clients to write a list of reasons why it’s good to be them, it’s such a powerful way to self-reflect and begin to really appreciate strengths rather than focusing on all the things you could have done differently. How about trying it? Regardless of where you are in your life and health, learn to recognise your amazingness.

Kate, Phil, Helen and Jacqui x