Phil Parker’s Lightning Process has given me back my life and I felt that I must document this for anyone else who has suffered and is trying to help themselves.  I am sorry if it is a bit long winded but it is essential to give the whole picture.

I have had this dreadful illness for the past seven years, and having the worst relapse ever this May, I decided I must do something about it rather than just accept it, especially as my gorgeous granddaughter arrived on 20th May.  It is caused by doing too much and lowering your immune system, so your body has total burn out, usually caused by contracting a virus such as flu and on 8th January, 2008 my body just refused to get out of bed and be pushed around anymore, enduring hours and hours of rushing round, working and putting everyone’s needs before my own.

I had lost half my life, having to give up my beloved allotment, driving and the gym.  I had a great diet, was taking loads of vitamins and having lots of rest but nothing was working.  A friend told me about something called the Lightning Process which had greatly helped the daughter of one of her friends.  I went on to the internet but the first site I came across was all about this man who said he had formulated the Process (which I doubt very much because how can two completely different people produce the same process) and told you all about him.

Anyway, I gave up on this and was ill for another month but then in desperation I tried again and contacted another site which gave me so much information and letters from people who they had helped as well as those who they couldn’t help.  I felt these were the people I wanted to go with so contacted Head Office Team.  The practitioner speaks to you before agreeing to train you and would not take any money until it was decided.  Anyway, I was a bit worried about this as for me it was my last resort but my practitioner accepted me and last Monday, I started the course in Victoria Street, in the same block of buildings where I used to work nearly 50 years ago!!  It was a 3 day course (well three half days really) and it was just amazing.

I had always thought I was a very positive person and did not realise that I was spending half my day stressing about things that didn’t really matter at all and things I could do nothing about.  For instance, the second day into the training, I was in the bath and I could hear the recycling people coming up the road and realised I had not put mine out.  The old me would have jumped out the bath, sloshing water everywhere, got dressed half wet, ran down stairs, grabbed the recycling, getting dirty all over again and then when I got to the front of the house, the recycling people would have gone.  Then I would be beating myself up thinking I should have put it out and carried on in that stressed manner for the rest of the morning.  I was using up all my good energy on this totally negative thing.  But the new me, just sat in bath and said “so what the hell, they can take the recycling in two weeks when they come again, what does it matter?”  Anyway, when I had finished my bath and washed my hair, I came downstairs and looked and they had been into the garden and taken the recycling, so all the stressing would have been for nothing.

So I have been looking at my life and taking out all the unnecessary worries and stress and negative people who just get you down and make you ill.  My brother phoned last night and there has been a family feud but I just spoke to him and did not stress afterwards, even when my mum phoned me to put her thoughts into it.  I just let it go over my head which is something I have never done.  I would have been awake all night worrying about it and stressing!

I was so impressed with one of the other ladies on my course who had overcome a fear she hadn’t come for, that I got into my jeep for the first time on my own in five months and drove it to the garden centre.  I did not tell my husband but since then, I have been in the jeep every day with no fear of driving.

Thank you so much to my practitioner and Phil Parker –you are truly a powerful genius.