For 5 years I had suffered from fatigue, extreme low mood, worry and stress which resulted in a collapse. I worked far too hard in a start-up business and achieved little balance in life.

I was initially introduced to the Lightning process by a distant family member who had done the course herself. I think my reaction was probably very similar to most peoples’. I was worried about whether I would be able to make the advocated changes and actually make the process work. I didn’t doubt that the process could work for a moment, not that the science was correct, I simply feared my own failure.

I was advised to do the course as quickly as possible by the family member and so I set about it quickly. Very soon I began to feel comfortable with the induction process. I read the book and had an assessment call and in my practitioner’s expert hands I was soon comfortable that the course was going to be very well managed and run.

In a state of nasty anxiety I attended the first morning of the course only to discover several other people with all too familiar sounding symptoms. We quickly bonded as a group and our practitioner lead us through the course and very importantly, actively coached us as we went along. Very soon we were all helping each other and a strong and positive camaraderie and atmosphere developed. Most people had their own profound epiphany moment in the 3 days too, which served to convince me further of the profound power of the process.

Much of what I learned in these 3 short days I will use for the rest of my life, for example –

  • using the process to prepare myself for major events or situations
  • editing my speech into the active and positive and avoiding comparatives, rather using adjectives instead
  • thought stopping
  • self coaching
  • positive visualisation techniques

If I ever suffer a relapse of my condition then I am certain that the process will be an effective first line of defence. Vitally, this means that I’m not afraid anymore because I know I have the tools to tackle it with. Incidentally, I believe that this lack of fear reduces the chances of it recurring in itself.

Following the course there are several very useful telephone follow up sessions which serve to reinforce the good habits and to help you to become your own coach, a vital learning for continued good, mental health.

4 months after attending the course I am very much better, indeed all my issues and symptoms have fallen away. It must be pointed out that I have had other treatments too for my condition but there is no question that The Lightning Process allowed me to take control of my mental state and begin to turn it around at a point when I was very much in need of support and lacked the skills to help myself. Thank you to my practitioner and the team for all their help.

If you have any questions about the Lightning Process or whether it is suitable for you, email me and I will be happy to arrange a call with you.