One of the questions that we get asked regularly is whether the Lightning Process (LP) will compromise a person’s faith.  Our answer is always ‘the Lightning Process does not include any religious content or bias and will not question anyone’s religious beliefs.”  I think this shines through in the personal story from one of my Christian clients in her own, uplifting words:

My new life is as different as night is to day and as far as East is from West. My new life is transformed, renewed, revitalized and remarkable. I am deeply glad, amazed, in awe and wonder.  I rejoice, rejoice and rejoice.

My story will be more traumatic than some and less so than others, whilst I know how much my story matters to me, my new story yet to be created and lived, matter far more deeply to me, than what has been before.  I know the truth and the truth has now set me free.  I continue to choose life and blessings, as I continue to create and ENJOY my new and authentic life.

I eventually choose to learn the LP in the Autumn of 2013.  Prior to learning the LP, I had been devastatingly ill and disabled for over a decade.  I had tried many avenues to regain my health and well-being in those ten years.  My health, well-being and physical ability continued to deteriorate, regardless of what I did or did not do.  I continued to experience loss after loss, across every area of my life and in every way.  The pain, exhaustion and despair were my everyday reality, regardless of how positive I was and whilst many things helped a little, nothing made a lasting, physical change.

The physical impact of continuing illness, disability and loss hit hard, the emotional impact, for me, was harder still.  I had always been a hard-worker, lived life to the full, set my goals and believed that whatever I set my mind to do, then I could.  When that didn’t happen, again and again, I felt like I was trapped in a maze and I couldn’t find the way out.

The disbelief, hostility and judgment of others led me to disconnect in order to protect myself and survive.  I desperately wanted to be well and live life.  I felt like I was in a twilight zone, not dead, yet not able to live either.  There is so much more I could write.

I slowly came to know the truth that Jesus loved me and that He is faithful, always.  He was answering the prayers that were buried deep within my heart.  He showed me the way out of the maze and I started to follow His way forwards.

The LP had been put in my path seven times in seven years.  I had been so scared, angry and ill that I had listened to the judgmental and mis-informed opinions of others and my own fear stopped me, until I had learnt to trust the faithfulness of God enough, for me to be able to take my step of faith, to learn and apply the LP.  I am deeply glad I did.  My life continues to grow, flourish and thrive.

There are so many people that I am deeply thankful for and to and you know who you are.  The realness and authenticity of my practitioner have blessed me beyond words.  My thankfulness to her and for her  steadfast support is from the depths of my heart.

My first year of renewed physical ability was euphoric, I felt like I was floating on air.  When I experienced blips and challenges in the second year, I knew the LP was real, I knew the love of Christ was real and I knew the faithfulness of God was real, so whilst it didn’t look like it, I knew, deep inside my heart that the blips and challenges would pass and that I would continue to grow, flourish, thrive and prosper in every way.

I now have several journals, full of all the ‘AMAZING’ since Autumn 2013 and I continue to savour, relish and ENJOY the authenticity of my life.  I am deeply thankful and happy and I continue to grow in wonder at all the amazing possibilities of all that is yet to be created and ENJOYED.

My prayer for anyone who reads my story, is that your heart may come to know, as time unfolds, that Jesus loves you more than you’ll ever understand and that God’s word says ‘I set before you life and death, CHOOSE LIFE’.  May the truth of John 10 v 10 continue to shine His deeply healing love into your heart and may His amazing grace shine brightly for your feet, as you continue to make choices that lead you to an AMAZING and AUTHENTIC life.

Allison – Living Life Forwards

I wrote ‘Allison’s New Life’ in the Autumn of 2015, two years after learning and applying the neurological gift of the Lightning Process.  This update of ‘Allison – Living Life Forwards’ celebrates the 5th Anniversary of ongoing transformation.

I knew joy untold of new physical ability for 18 months and I had new hopes, dreams, aspirations and plans for life going forwards.  I never knew another significant journey through impacted health was ever going to unfold.  In the March of 2015, I experienced a trauma to my lower spine that impacted my left hip, leg and foot.  Two significant falls followed in June 2015 and May 2016.  My mental and emotional health were battered, my dreams, new health and hopes disintegrated.

I knew the realness of the LP and I know the realness of the love and provision of God, I did not understand all that was unfolding but I knew how to keep ‘Living Life Forwards’ and I am eternally thankful for the support of my practitioner, of Phil Parker and for all in my life who continued to shine light, strength and encouragement to go forwards.

The medical journey has been impactful, the financial impact of the last 15 years has been massive but within myself I remain peaceful, calm (mostly!) I make good choices, I help others, I continue to release all that only serves to hurt me more when I choose to remain like a ‘terrier with a bone!’

The LP was a gift to be savored and the LP remains a precious gift to my life and wellbeing (Romans 12 v 1-3 and John 8 v 36).

I know who I am, I know the truth of all that has been and I know that I will continue to make choices that are life enhancing, as I live life forwards.

‘Onwards and upwards’, as my dear Mum and Dad would always say.


Autumn 2018