I am a 53 year old woman who lives in the Midlands.  I have had MS on and off for 28 years and the greatest wish of my life is to get rid of it!  I heard about the Lightning Process course from a lady I met who said it had got rid of her fatigue.  She is an intelligent likeable woman so I decided to look into it further and began by looking on the net.  I liked what I saw and therefore ordered the book.

I found the course so easy that I wondered if was it working.  I have done so many things since, that I think it certainly is!  I went on the course at the beginning of December 2013.  I then went to Italy for Christmas and the New Year.  Before the course, I wouldn’t have gone to Italy but I walked and talked so much and it was fantastic!

Since then I have joined a gym to go swimming and to take a light exercise class.  I have been going to Italian classes but now I rarely miss one whereas previously I was too tired or too panicky to go. I am able to do more at home but more importantly, I go out and follow my interests and dreams.  I am driving again and have bought a car.  I used to sleep lots – up to 20 hours a day – now I sleep 10 hours a night and sometimes have a short nap or rest during the day which is all I need.  I am trying to get better but baby steps!  I have lost one stone and plan to lose more!  The main thing is I am happier and more confident.  I am not depressed anymore.  I can help others instead of always being helped.

At first, I was worried after the course because I rely on Helen so much that I feared the benefits would soon evaporate.  They didn’t and Helen rang me on a regular basis to check in with me and to deal with any problems I had.  I am now fully independent and marching on!  Thank you so much to Helen for taking the cause and to Phil Parker for devising it!  I didn’t believe it was possible! Everyone has seen the difference in me and they are amazed too!