Dr. Phil Parker, PhD

I’ve always believed that almost anything is possible.  During the 1990s when working with many patients and clients who were incredibly stuck and had been told to accept there was no answer, I designed the Lightning Process.  My background as an Osteopath, my PhD in the Psychology of Health and as a Personal Development Expert provided me with an opportunity to approach health issues from a totally new perspective.

My work has enabled me to help thousands of people change their lives for the better through my courses, books and audio programmes and through working with practitioners around the world who have been trained by me to run the Lightning Process seminars for you.

I believe that people are geniuses with amazing skills, qualities and talents and I hope that I can help as many people as possible find that out about themselves.

I would love to work with you personally, I run 3 or 4 seminars a year, so have a look here to see if I have course coming up soon which would work for you.  If not, I would highly recommend my hand-picked team who run seminars much more regularly.

I highly recommend working with Phil Parker!  He is an incredible practitioner with the ability to guide clients through the most complex issues in order to find seemingly simple and lasting solutions.  Unlike other conventional therapies, Phil’s skills produce swift, appropriate and highly effective results. 

He is the leader of this field by a distance.  Thanks to Phil, I am healthy, happy, living a life I love with a family I thought I might not get to have.  I owe him my life and will be forever grateful for his life-changing work!  Collaborating with Phil is a game-changer – if you were to do one amazing thing this year, make it be to work with Phil!”


“I took the LP training with Phil because I was stuck in my life and in my health.  I had tried many things to get well without success until a friend put me in the direction of the LP.  I read the testimonials on the website and what really motivated me was this statement ‘If 1000s of people have resolved their issues using the LP, then so can I!’

Phil’s seminar was fun and his stories and sense of humour kept everyone engaged.  It was fascinating to see people in the group with different issues to mine make great changes using the same tools.  After the first day I felt different, I was regaining my sense of power and I knew that I could influence my health and life for the better.

I am so thankful to Phil as his training put me back on the right path and I now know that I have the tools to resolve all of my issues.  How powerful and amazing is that!”


“Phil is the most incredible, extraordinary practitioner. An expert at making complex things simple, and training in creative, engaging ways.  He teaches the LP by referencing back to the science and has pulled the best of the best knowledge and techniques out there to create the LP.  What he teaches is extremely effective, quick, and useful.  He has total belief in his clients and is a fantastic teacher!”