long-covid takes time to recoverLong-covid or post covid syndrome is one of the worrying side effects of the covid pandemic. Doctors surgeries are reporting more and more patients who have recovered from the acute signs of covid infection but are feeling exhausted, in pain and ill. Dr Phil Parker has been swamped with inquires about the illness and explains the illness, its symptoms and its relationship to other pandemics.

The Spanish flu of 1918 and more recent Ebola and SARS outbreaks also resulted in long term illness for many who recovered from the initial infection.

Specialist fatigue clinics are concerned about being overrun with demand from those with Long-covid and are hoping for more government funding and research into new treatments.

The Lightning Process, with its growing evidence base (see recent systematic review) reporting on how it can help those with pain and fatigue, is currently undertaking research into how it might improve outcomes for those with long-covid.