I was finally diagnosed in January 2014, after not feeling well for 4 years!  In the last year my symptoms had gradually got so bad that I was struggling to go to work and then spent the rest of my time in bed .  I was exhausted and in pain, constant headaches, dizziness and brain fog.  I was unable to do everyday  household tasks and couldn’t  go shopping  or exercise anymore without having to spend the rest of the day in bed.  I had tried pacing myself and that didn’t work.  I couldn’t live a normal life.

Over the years I had tried everything to help my symptoms, including acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractor and pilates.  I was under the pain clinic for my pain and had had lots of procedure which just made the pain worse and I was on a mix of painkillers, which again didn’t help… not even morphine took my pain away!

I came across the Lightning Process in April 2014, read the book “An Introduction to The Lightning Process…..burst into tears and said to my husband “I need to go there and do that!”  I booked to go on the course on the 9th of June and I counted the days until it was time to go.  I went to London for 3 days to go on the course.  After the 1st session I felt completely different,  I was full of energy and actually felt ‘normal’ tired in the evening, instead of feeling “like I’d hit a brick wall”.  After  the 2nd session I went shopping on Oxford Street and walked for miles, something I hadn’t been able to do for ages.  By the end of the 3rd session  I knew that I felt well!!

Since coming home from London my whole life has changed.  I feel  amazing and  so full of energy! Even my pain is so so much better!  I feel like I’ve been given a 2nd chance at life!  I am fully back at work and exercising again.  I can now, work, shop, exercise and go out, all in one day if I want to.

My final step on my road to recovery was to have a butterfly tattoo to show that I am now free  to live my life to the full again, after feeling like I have been trapped in a cocoon of tiredness and pain.

I now feel like I have more energy than I did before and I intend to love and live my life.  It’s made me appreciate how important health is and I’m so grateful and happy that I found the Lightning Process because it has literally saved my life and I can’t thank Phil Parker enough for designing this course and to my practitioner who taught me and gave me back my life.

My advice to anyone who reads this and is wondering if The Lightning Process is for them…..Don’t hesitate, get it booked and you can start living your life again.  It truly has been the best decision I ever made!!