It is no exaggeration to say that when I booked to go on the Lightning Process I was a physical and emotional wreck – I had been struggling with anxiety for over a year and it seemed that more and more physical ailments were appearing every day. Nothing seemed to help and I was rigid with fear most of the time.

The process started my relaxation almost immediately, and I went home after the first day on a cloud of euphoria, feeling that it was possible to feel better. There then followed a series of ups and downs, but I was aware that gradually things were improving- physically and mentally. It has now been over six months and I feel that I have regained a great deal of myself. ( I felt so estranged from the person I used to be, who was strong, brave and outspoken and who did the right thing whatever the consequences.)

My confidence has revived, my sense of humour has resurrected itself and life seems like fun again. I no longer want to run away from my work (never did so, but longed to) and no longer want to pull the duvet over my head instead of getting up.

I am so glad I went on the process, and am so very grateful to my practitioner, who hosted the course. I am also extremely grateful to Esther Rantzen for talking so honestly about her daughter’s experiences on the course because it was this that encouraged me to try it. (I am naturally very suspicious, but thought that someone was unlikely to lie about their daughter’s problems.)

If like Jane, you are feeling stuck in your life, contact us to see if the Lightning Process is something that is right for you too.