happy scruffy white terrier dogJude has noticed a recent trend – clients have been told by their medical practitioners to find a way to self-soothe.

Self-soothing is the ability to find ways to regulate your emotions in the midst of struggles, anxiety and uncertainty. This fits well with the Lightning Process and being able to influence how you feel at times when you’re struggling.

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Short and Long-Term Self-Soothing

The key to self-soothing is to find ways in both the short-term and long-term to support yourself. We can be very good at finding the more short-term solutions such as eating chocolate when you’re feeling upset, but these aren’t always so helpful in the long term.

We live in challenging times and are constantly faced with difficult circumstances and being pulled in different directions. It can be difficult to prioritise yourself and self-soothing when you feel you don’t have a moment.

It’s time to recognise that self-soothing in a really good way is something you need more of in your life.

How to Start Self-Soothing

The first step is to recognise you need to pay attention to something.

From Jude’s own experience, she found herself putting off getting started with her own self-soothing because she was incredibly busy with projects and had no space. She felt that once that was done, she could then pay attention to looking after herself and self-soothing. But it’s not as one way as that.

Small Steps

Recognise that small steps and small actions can have a massive impact on your health and wellbeing.

You’re looking to bring tiny pockets of self-soothing into your day that give you joy, or peace. It’s incorporating lots of little things into every day, even if you only have a minute or two that can make a huge difference.

And this is going to be unique and individual to every single person.

Helen has a morning routine that’s very precious to her. It sets her up brilliantly for the day ahead by doing all her personal development before the day starts and getting busy – even her dogs know not to disturb her.

Both Jude and Helen have dogs and spending time with them and getting out with them into nature is a brilliant way to self-soothe.

When we work with clients, we help them find what is the spark for them. What are those little moments in every day that they can prioritise for themselves? They need to make this part of their daily routines and be consistent with it – even when times are challenging.

Get Help

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