In the autumn of 2011 I contracted a serious gastroenteritis-type virus which had me hospitalized. After leaving hospital, I was still extremely weak, unable to absorb any sort of food and had constant abdominal discomfort. After seeing many private medical and alternative experts for treatment, I made a partial recovery after around 5 months although still had symptoms, and returned to school to complete my GCSEs. After the summer, I returned to school to start my first year of 6th form. However, after 3 months, in November my abdominal discomfort returned and my symptoms really took hold again. We once again tried every avenue medically to no avail; After 6 months I was still extremely uncomfortable, I was only sleeping 2 hours every night, physically I was constantly drained and mentally my concentration was shot. At this point, I discovered the Lightning Process. After reading the book, which was extremely informative, and talking to my practitioner, I immediately booked on to take the seminar.

I was initially apprehensive about the seminar but felt at ease as soon as it began and found working with a group extremely rewarding and supportive. After day 1 I could already notice some big changes; I had a meal out with my mum and felt good afterwards and then I slept for 5 hours, which was the longest I’d slept for ages! I trained up to London for day 2 and was excited to begin! By four o’clock that day my discomfort had reduced by 60% and I was able to spend the rest of the day walking around London sightseeing and shopping without feeling faint or weak. I slept 8 hours that night. At the end of day 3, I didn’t want to leave the seminar as the 3 days as well as being life-changing, had also been a great deal of fun. Over the next few weeks, while still staying in touch with my practitioner on the phone, my discomfort went away completely, I started to absorb food normally, my sleep went back to normal and I returned to school full time.

Since then I haven’t missed a single day of school, I’ve been playing tennis and exercising most days and have even been to a music festival in Scotland which wouldn’t have been possible in my wildest dreams 4 months ago. My sincere thanks go to everyone at the Lightning Process for helping me!

Henry’s Update 2 Years Later:

I am very well and am just back from traveling around Asia for my Gap Year (I’ve spent the last month volunteering in Cambodia!).  I’m going interailing around Europe for a month in June as well which I’m really looking forward to and have a place at Edinburgh university confirmed starting in September which I can’t wait for!  I still use the Process if I ever pick up a virus and it was very useful in calming my nerves before driving test as well!