Have you discovered Helen Harding and Claire Brooker’s podcasts on www.lightningprocess.co.uk yet?  These are a fantastic free resource for you to listen to as often as you like. I thought it would be useful to remind our blog readers that you can find support and help on many difference topics from anxiety to pain and self-esteem to perfectionism.

Having just finished teaching the third day of the Lightning Process course today, the issue of guilt came up quite a lot. Here’s Helen Harding’s post from a while ago that introduces hers and Claire’s podcast about guilt.

Kate, Phil, Helen and Jacqui x

Podcast 44: Dealing with Guilt

Guilt is an emotional warning sign that most people learn through their childhood social development. Its purpose is to let us know when we’ve done something wrong, to help us develop a better sense of our behaviour and how it affects others and ourselves.

This is known as ‘healthy’ or ‘appropriate’ guilt because it serves a purpose in trying to help direct our moral or behavioural compass. It prompts us to re-examine our behaviour so that we don’t end up making the same mistake twice.

Unhealthy guilt’s purpose is only to make us feel bad about ourselves for no real legitimate reason.  This can be excessive in terms of feeling constantly guilty about what you have done, haven’t done, should have done, what someone else has done and the list goes on.

In this podcast we want to discuss how to deal with both.

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