I’ve just started a Mindfulness course for parents and it’s already amazing. Taking time out to increase your awareness of a single thing, whether it’s your environment, how your body feels (if appropriate), noises, squirrels playing in the park or your children giggling can help to create a stillness and peace. It’s like pressing ‘pause’ on a manic day and that ‘pause’ makes everything feel calmer.

It’s ten years since I did the Lightning Process and nearly nine years since I started teaching it. But even as a Lightning Process trainer, with all of my knowledge and experience, it’s so good to be reminded to press ‘pause’ or ‘stop’┬áby someone else.

There’s one rule in my Mindfulness class and that is to always have both feet on the floor, to help with feeling grounded. Why not try it for a week?

Phil Parker has produced a wonderful seven minute guided meditation, why not give it a listen? Don’t force anything just allow your self to increase your awareness.

What a lovely way to set yourself up for the weekend, even though it’s thundery in June (in Brighton at least).

Kate, Helen, Jacqui and Phil