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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is the Lightning Process (LP)?2020-06-17T16:05:30+01:00

A Randomised Control Trial (RCT) involving young people with mild to moderate CFS/ME compared Specialist Medical Care (SMC) to SMC plus the LP.  It found that those receiving SMC +LP had reduced fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression compared to just receiving SMC and that difference continued at 6 and 12 months.

A satisfaction survey of 1,297 people following day 3 of the training showed that 81.3% of clients reported having achieved the changes they wanted from the course. Only two people felt the training was not right for them.

You can read more about all the research studies which have involved the LP, and also what medical professionals have said about the LP here…

In our experience, when you fully engage in the training and commit to practicing the skills you are taught in order to retrain your brain, it is possible to achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

Do the results of the Lightning Process last?2020-06-17T16:08:53+01:00

The research suggests that the results do last.  In many ways the LP is like joining a gym.  At the beginning you have to work hard to create the level of fitness you want but once achieved, maintaining that fitness is much easier.  This is the same for the LP, you need to put the work in to get the results you want and continue to use the tools as you have been taught and when required to maintain them.

Once you have completed your training, we provide support to help you establish yourself.  The LP then becomes a tool for life, it is there for you to use when you face any new challenge.  You just need to ensure you use it.

What medical conditions can the Lightning Process be used for?2022-11-30T11:43:02+00:00

Everyone is different and so the best way to find out if the Lightning Process is for you is to speak to one of the team who can talk to you about your case, symptoms and suitability for the course.

The Lightning Process is a training programme and therefore it’s practitioners are trainers, not medical professionals – because of this they cannot advise on diagnosis’ or medication – but they can talk to you about their experience working with people to make similar changes.

There is also more information about what the Lightning Process can be used for, the science behind the Process and how it has helped different people in the Part 1 Audio Programmes.

Does the Lightning Process work for everyone?2020-06-17T16:11:34+01:00

We find the LP is very effective for people who decide it is the right approach for them as demonstrated by the satisfaction survey where only 2 people out of 1297 felt it wasn’t appropriate for them.

In common with other training programmes, like learning mindfulness, a new language or eating healthier, these factors seem to help those taking the LP get the results they want:

  • A strong desire for change
  • A firm belief that the changes they want to make are possible with the right tools
  • A determination to do the work necessary to retrain their brain until the changes are established
How old does a child have to be to do the Lightning Process?2020-06-17T16:13:55+01:00

This totally depends on the child – we have worked successfully with children as young as 10 at Phil’s clinic.  They have to be mature enough and happy to interact with their practitioner, however we aim to make it fun for any children attending and include stories and examples they can relate to.  Children are usually used to learning through school and open to trying new things.  It’s really important the child wants to do the Process themselves and they are not doing it because they are being told to as it’s about empowering them to do the work and make change.  You can read some personal stories from young people who have taken the LP here…

Contact us if you would like to find out more about the suitability of the Lightning Process for your child.

Am I too old to learn the Lightning Process?2020-06-17T16:15:03+01:00

We have successfully taught the Lightning Process to clients up to the age of 80 at this clinic. In our experience, our mature clients are able to achieve the same great results as their younger counterparts, and in the same timeframe. We help all our clients to prepare for their training in advance so they’re confident and relaxed, and can make the most of the sessions.

Can I take the Lightning Process online?2022-04-28T17:52:00+01:00

Yes, the majority of our courses are offered live online at the moment.  This is something which changed with the Covid lockdowns, prior to March 2020 it was only possible to take the seminar face to face.  Now hundreds of clients have taken the course live online with great success.

You can read more about how Phil developed the training to be live online and the measures that he took to ensure the training was just as effective as taking it in person here…

You can also read some personal stories from people who have taken the LP live online here…

Is the Lightning Process just positive thinking?2020-06-17T16:15:50+01:00

Although a positive approach is important to the LP, it combines concepts from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching and principles from Osteopathy. These approaches have been woven into a highly effective training that teaches you versatile tools you can use and which empowers you to influence your health based on the way the brain and body interact.

Does the Lightning Process suggest health problems are all in the mind?2020-06-17T16:16:11+01:00

Absolutely not! Many of my clients experience physical issues that affect multiple systems in their body. The LP considers the important interaction between the brain and body and how we can influence what is happening. This allows you to promote good physiology such as energy, comfort, wellbeing and calm.

How do I know which Practitioner to choose?2022-04-28T17:46:44+01:00

You are going to be working very closely with your Lightning Process Practitioner so it’s important that you feel confident they are the right person for you.  You can find more information about each of the team by clicking on the links below – their pages include feedback from people who have worked with them before, a video and information about their background so that you can start to get to know them and chose the best person for you:

You can also book a discovery call with them to ask any questions and ensure they are the best practitioner for you.

Is the LP the same as CBT or any other approaches?2020-06-17T16:18:30+01:00

The LP is a unique training and was designed by Dr Phil Parker independently of any other approach.  There will be elements you have heard of and some cross overs, but it is the way the LP has been structured and developed over the years that makes it such a powerful way to influence your health.  You can read more about the similarities and differences between other approaches here…

Why don’t you offer a guarantee?2020-06-17T16:18:48+01:00

Like the other training approaches mentioned earlier, such as going to the gym, mindfulness, learning a language or eating healthier, it is not possible guarantee results as everyone is different. It also relies on the client putting the skills they are taught into practice both during and after the seminar to achieve the same results as others.

We can guarantee that we will offer you a high quality training, with an experienced and skilled practitioner.

Why isn’t the LP available on the NHS?2020-06-17T16:19:06+01:00

Currently the LP has not been adopted as a standard intervention by the NHS similar to that of Osteopathy or Herbal Medicine.  There has been interest from the medical profession and researchers: a number of doctors have observed us running the training, some have trained to be LP Practitioners whilst others have taken the LP training personally as clients.  You can read more about what medical professionals have said about the Lightning Process here…

Is it true we are not allowed to discuss the Lightning Process?2020-06-17T16:19:26+01:00

This isn’t the case. The LP is yours to use and you can share the details with whoever you want. We recommend that if you choose to share it, be selective over your audience to ensure they are supportive and will assist you on your journey.

Do you have any more questions about the Lightning Process?
We offer free talks regularly – these are an opportunity to meet the team and ask any questions that you have – find out more here…

You can also book a discovery call with one of the team below:

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