Jude Hogarth

Before taking the Lightning Process myself as a client, I practiced as an employment solicitor, for 20 years, as a specialist in mediation and conflict resolution.

I discovered the transformative power of the Lightning Process after years of struggle with my own, sometimes paralysing, anxiety and PTSD issues (which I had been an expert at hiding); feeling stuck in a rut, I thought my life was only going one way – down-hill.  In doing the Lightning Process though I quickly learnt how to flourish instead and expand my horizon in ways I never dreamt possible.

So enthralled was I by what I learnt, I decided to train with Phil Parker so that I too could share these tools with others.  I am eternally grateful for having had this opportunity to reshape my world and it is a privilege now to help guide others in learning these techniques.

As well as running Lightning Process seminars and the TRP (the Rediscovery Process), I have a varied practice blending the many strands in my life – including corporate trainer, mediator, coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

“Judith really helped me to overcome my anxiety prior to an operation and helped me deal with anger and stress during a very emotional time in my life.  She is an amazing lady and extremely committed to the work she does.”

Business owner

“After suffering with various health problems, the techniques Judith has provided me with have helped enormously with my symptoms and managing my pain.  After partaking in the course, I have felt I have been given a new lease of life and would recommend it to anyone suffering with chronic pain.  The change in me has made a huge impact to my daily living and family life.”


“I thought it was really important that I share my LP experience with others. This program has helped me to become a better person. It has allowed me to have the tools to deal with so many things and better myself. My own brain is so powerful! I am forever thankful to my sister for recommending it and to my coach (Jude Hogarth) for being available when I needed a bit of additional support.”

Jane, Educator