A competitive cyclist who had represented his country as a junior, I returned to the sport I loved after 16 years of being a couch potato and heavy drinker and smoker. After giving up on the booze and fags and losing three stone in three months I attacked the training and was soon back to fitness, amazingly winning the 2012 Surrey League title in my first full season back on the bike.

However in January 2013 I came down with a nasty virus of which I didn’t recover. Lots of tests, new diets, doctors and various other remedies later over a year had passed by. Although I had cut back work hours and was obviously not exercising, I was not completely wiped out. However, the flu like symptoms made my days long and hard, especially the constant sore eyes and throat.

In May 2014 I came across the Lightning Process on a forum. After reading the information and speaking to a practitioner I decided to take part in the course in London. The three day course was a fantastic experience and to my amazement I was given the tools and knowledge to start to control my constant pain almost immediately.

Over the following weeks and months I worked hard using the process, it was certainly not easy, but slowly and surely I experienced less and less pain, and as an added bonus I also became calmer and more relaxed. Within a few months I was back on the bike, and now in October 2014 I can really see myself racing again in 2015.

Cynics, may say that after 18 months I was starting to get better anyway. They may be right, but I personally feel LP helped me recover more quickly and has actually also given me a great tool for life to use when I need it, dealing with tough times and moments when I just need a mental boost!

Thanks to my practitioner and the team at the Lightning Process for all their help.