I was an insomniac for 14 or so years, from studying for my A Levels through to learning the Lightning Process ten years ago. So I know about sleep and I know about lack of it. Not sleeping or sleeping but not feeling refreshed felt like a life changer to me.

If there is anyone reading this who doesn’t get enough of the right type of sleep, I understand and I get. What I’ve learned through personal experience and also through supporting hundreds of people since becoming a therapist and Lightning Process Practitioner is that it can get better.

A good starting point is sleep hygiene (google the basic ones if you don’t know them). Sleep hygiene factors are changing as times change so if you considered these years ago it might be worth taking another look, the key difference being that neuroscientists are now saying that the blue light from devices can affect sleep.  Take a look at Ted-Ed’s latest blog for more info:

“Sleep is critical for mind and body health. Without it, the effects can be severe. But what if you suffer from insomnia? Below, neuroscientist Claudia Aguirre provides 7 healthy tips for a better night’s sleep:

There are other very important considerations such as beliefs about sleep and your ability to have refreshing sleep and also measurements of success – does being peaceful and calm all night count as a good first step? If not, could it? What would be the benefits?

There are loads of resources that support better sleep. Here are a few if you want to find out more:

Check out Phil Parker’s free online seminars about how to get a life you love: https://www.facebook.com/philparker.author

Our very own experts Helen Harding and Claire Brooker free podcast on getting great sleep: https://lightningprocess.co.uk/podcast-15-how-to-get-a-great-nights-sleep

Download Phil Parker’s ‘Deep Sleep Now’: https://www.philparker.org/product/deep-sleep

Finally, sleep patterns and the way we feel about sleep can change and life becomes richer and easier for it.  If you’d like to talk to us more about this then please get in touch