Happy New Year!

A new year traditionally means new beginnings and opportunities, and unsurprisingly, most of us are eager to say goodbye to what has been a challenging 12 months.

This year rather than setting huge goals, for some people it might be beneficial to say goodbye to 2020 in a more gentle way. If this sounds like you here are my three alternative ‘resolutions’ for the first few weeks of 2021:


For physical and mental health, it is important to prioritise self-care and have meaningful rest this winter. Personally, I embraced the slower pace of a scaled back festive period and gave my body and mind time to re-charge. Taking things more slowly, building in relaxation time and being outside are ways you can support yourself to do this. 


Saying ‘goodbye’ to 2020 in the form of a letter can be helpful.  I wrote a letter which I shredded naming all the challenges I experienced during the year. You could too, or even just a good shout or cry or dance or sing – something that supports you be heard, and challenges acknowledged, to enable you to move on to a stronger 2021.


A psychotherapist I know recommended taking a walk to mentally name the feelings and events that have negatively shaped 2020.  As you walk, think about what happened every month and metaphorically ‘leave it behind’. And as you reach the end of the year, turn and ‘look back’ before walking forward, toward the future.

These suggestions may appeal to you, they may not, and there is no right or wrong way to navigate the new year. Remember: we may be in the same storm, but we are all in different boats. We each have different emotions, experiences, and situations – just do what feels right for you.

Of course, some of us may still be keen to set resolutions and that is great, so long as you have the energy and mindset to want to do so, rather than feeling external pressure. 

For now, I wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year. 

With love 

Kate, Phil, Helen and Jude x