When I came to the Lightning Process a year ago I was suffering from depression. Depression had dominated my family life. My mother and my brother both suffered from it, and now in my 50s, I had been debilitated by depression for decades. There was a sort of resignation that maybe this was just the way I was programmed. Low moods, overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and helplessness were normal for me, and that kept me stuck. I certainly was not living a life that I loved and I longed to feel different. I had tried all kinds of treatment and therapies over the years, some with a measure of success, but the depression always came back… Until I did the Lightning Process!


I know it’s hard for people who haven’t been on the course to understand, but even after day 1 of the course I felt amazing. By day 3 I was feeling profoundly happy and had levels of energy and motivation I had never felt before. 


The difference the LP has made to my life is hard to express without it sounding over the top, but I can honestly say that the LP course for me has been completely life-changing and those are not words that I use lightly. Before the LP I was angry a lot. I was often irritable, anxious and sad. Now, thanks to the LP my norm is calmness, compassion and positivity. Friends and family have seen a real difference in me. My whole outlook on life and how I view myself and others have changed because I now feel so well and see everything more clearly. Of course life still sometimes has its stresses and challenges, that’s normal, but whereas previously I would have been overwhelmed by those things, now I confidently navigate my way through them.


The LP has given me the tools for happiness, resilience, energy, motivation, self-belief and so much more. My physical health is also better, my posture has improved and I sleep better now too. So the ripple effects of doing the LP are profound. But most of all, I now believe that I can do anything and this last year has undoubtedly been the best year of my life. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending the LP to everyone, and my only slight regret now is that I didn’t do it sooner!


I’m so excited for the future and have a list of things that I want to do going forwards… So watch this space! A big thank you to my practitioner and everyone at the LP for your help and ongoing support, it really is so much appreciated. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to finally live the life that I love.