I had been struggling with illness for about five years before I attended the Lightning Process a few months ago. The condition left me too weak and restless to do anything, and slowly, I had lost my life, dreams, friends, passions, and even my future. I learned to do what little I could from bed, fighting constant fevers and chills, headaches, dizziness, digestive issues, and immense fatigue.  Weeks turned into months that turned into years. Medication didn’t help, neither did physiotherapy, or any of my family’s old wives’ tales or natural remedies. I watched from my bedroom as friends and family around me moved on. I lost tremendous weight and much of my self-esteem. People pitied me; in turn, I pitied myself.

I first learned about the LP from a YouTube video of Phil Parker I stumbled on once, two years ago. Although I believed in mindbody healing and NLP, I felt like I could not manage it alone. After enduring an intense relapse last year, I said to myself, ‘That’s it, I’m signing up! I don’t care if I don’t get better. At least I’ve tried!’

The Head Office put me in contact with a practitioner who answered all my questions about the structure of the course. She seemed friendly and easy to speak to. However, I had my doubts about the training. Would I really benefit from it? And how was I going to sit on a chair for four hours, for three consecutive days? At that point, I couldn’t go out for more than two hours. But at the same time, I knew that I had to take a chance if I wanted to improve. After all, I read story after story of individuals with various diseases taking back their lives. Why couldn’t I? The world around me was moving, and I couldn’t sit still and watch anymore. I couldn’t allow myself to be forgotten. I owed it to myself to try.  I signed up for the course in September, and off to London I went.

The first day of training began difficult but grew easier as the day moved along. I met other people who suffered from similar conditions, and their stories struck me as genuine and real. I related to everyone’s symptoms and experiences, and I felt safe in sharing my own. Four hours passed by so quickly; I didn’t feel tired, and I didn’t need to leave early. Confidence soon started to replace the initial anxiety, and I knew that I had made a difference.

The second and third days brought their share of challenges, but I did not give up. I knew I was only going to be in London for less than a week, and I wanted to make the most of it. Although learning to use the LP did not come natural to me, my practitioner supported me, and every one of us. I knew I needed more time and experience with it, so I kept trying, even though sometimes I felt that the rest of the group was moving faster than myself.

As of today, it has been just over three months since I attended the LP. I have seen my strength and confidence slowly build up, and I have created a new life for myself. I no longer live in my bed, nor do I pity myself for anything. I’ve attended two professional workshops and trainings since then, and I even took a short trip to Belfast, NI. I did not collapse, nor did I worry incessantly about falling ill or falling down. When I look back at my life over the past five years, I cannot believe how far I’ve come in such a short time. Most of all, I am grateful.

Although the LP seems like magic, it is actually more of a day-in, day-out, work out. It is an intervention to help you help yourself. It requires continuous effort and belief in yourself. If you commit to it, you can experience true and lasting change. I am honest when I say that I have never felt as empowered in my life as I do now. The journey to reclaim my life has not been easy, but I am proud of how far I’ve come, and that is a feeling that no one can take away from me.