Exciting news for us here at Lightning Process headquarters, as today sees the publication of an additional piece of research on the Lightning Process.

This pilot study run by doctors and a Lightning Process (Inger Marie Moen Reiten) practitioner in Norway considered if the Lightning Process could help those with chronic pain, by evaluating its effects on 12 adolescents with chronic headaches.

The researchers report that on follow up after twelve months:

  • Nine of twelve reported that they had significant pain reduction. This trend was evident already after three months.
  • The majority had improved quality of life. They were more active, more with friends and attended significantly more at school.
  • Before the course three reported that they always / almost always were in school. At follow-up after one year, the situation changed, when eight of twelve always / almost always were in school.

and concludes:

A structured cooperation between doctor and LP instructor has contributed to significant pain reduction and improvement in the quality of life for nine of the twelve youngsters in the project. The remaining three participants had not noticed any effect, either positive or negative.

Although this is an uncontrolled pilot study, the reported results are great to hear both in terms of the positive outcomes for 9 of the 12 young people who had had their lives so affected by pain, but also in terms of the reassuring outcomes that suggest, as has been our experience, the inherent safety of any technique such as this which encourages stress reduction and improved neurophysiological function.

Research paper is here