If you’ve taken the Lightning Process you might be interested in the new support packages I’ve recently recorded for LP graduates. I’ve produced them in response to requests from you guys for specific help on a few key areas.  They currently cover:
* Pain and boosting comfort
* Tiredness & Fatigue and boosting energy
* Food intolerances & sensitivities and great digestion
* Anxiety, stress & panic attacks and developing deep calmness
* Breaking through areas you’re dûing stuck with & applying the LP to unhelpful beliefs

The idea is that it’s like a masterclass or individual session with me – they take you through:
* The physiology as to why the LP can help help you with these issues
* The commonest reasons for not getting the full change you wish for and how to address these
* How to tailor your LP approach to these issues
* Coaching through the process with these issues
* A chance to experience a deep guided visualisation/mediation to encourage new neurological pathways and the development of a lasting change in state, which you can revisit anytime you wish.

The feedback on them so far has been fantastic, so if you’d like some tailored help, these are for you.

(Please note, these won’t be of use unless you’ve already taken the LP seminar, and are to be used in conjunction with continuing to work with your practitioner)

Click here to find out more and get your copy…

If you have any suggestions for things you would like future episodes about then please drop me an email.

Phil x