In May 2012, when I was 9 years old, I had a really bad asthma attack.  After about 3 weeks, the coughing stopped but I felt really tired all the time.   I had lots of tests at hospital and was diagnosed.  I couldn’t get up for more than an hour and a half at a time before needing to rest, and whenever I tried to do a bit more, I ended up having to rest/sleep for longer.

The Lightning Process has changed my life.  My practitioner was really understanding, helpful and kind; she really cared.  She kept encouraging me, lifted me up and made me smile.  The day before I was in bed all the time, I was really bored and fed up because I couldn’t do anything, I was tired constantly.  The first day of the LP, my goal was to stay up till 8pm, see my uncle and watch Tom and Jerry.  I managed to do all that, have fun and enjoy life more than I had in the whole of the 8 months I had been ill.  The second day, my mum and I went out for dinner with my godfather and I stayed up till 9pm.  I hadn’t been out for dinner for a long time – it felt great.  On the third day, I woke up, did the LP, felt great and had another great afternoon with my practitioner.  I just loved it.  When I got home, I told my dad and brother all about it and we were all so happy.  I managed to do a full day of school which I hadn’t done for 8 months and I was really happy and proud of myself.

The LP helped me overcome my illness, it gave me the confidence to get back to acting.  I think it’s great.  The Lightning Process is amazing – how it works, how it can make you feel instantly better.  Now I’m playing rugby and I’m getting fitter.  I go to school every single day (except when I get a bug).  I just love it.  I’m happy; I feel I’ve done well to overcome this; I’m spending more time with my friends; I’m not bored; I feel great.

Anna (Ned’s mum): a parent’s perspective

I was very skeptical about the Lightning Process and gave Phil and the practitioner something of an interrogation!  I wanted to make sure that they weren’t charlatans.  Phil explained the physiology underpinning how the Lightning Process works and my husband (a doctor) and I agreed that it made sense.

It still felt rather a leap of faith to entrust my child to strangers, but I was reassured that the practitioner actively encouraged our involvement.  I participated in the training with Ned, so at no point did I have to hand him over to someone else.

The practitioner was wonderful throughout the training – easy to warm to; encouraging; great at explaining things and managing to engage a 10 year old boy and a 42 year old woman simultaneously.

The Lightning Process requires commitment to be effective: on the first day, Ned needed to use the LP 40 times; on the second, 30; on the third, 20; but by the end of the week Ned was able to go through the whole day without needing rests and only needing to use the LP a couple of times a day.