We love it when clients send us updates about how they are doing after the course.  This client took the Lightning Process 8 months ago, with Jude Hogarth, for Long Covid.  What an amazing change!


Just to let you know I successfully completed my 11 weeks of training!  


In Sept 2021 I was unable to cycle 5 minutes and now towards the end of my training I was able to do in a week:  

  • 3×75 minute strength training sessions,  
  • 3×45 minute cardio sessions  
  • 12k steps everyday with 2 rest days  
  • Not to mention all the extra meal prep involved  
  • All whilst being in calorie deficit! 


I did not manage to miss any of my training sessions too which was a surprise.  

I managed to lose weight and back in shape and I am stronger and fitter since I since I was 21 :D 

I am still continuing the journey with this and progressing at my own pace from here with a more lifestyle friendly approach.  


I just want to say thank you for the help you have offered with the Lightning Process. The last session we had was much needed. I felt so much better after. I do sometimes catch myself once in a while in PIT when I have my not so good days so I am making sure I continue with the LP.  


If this has inspired you to find out how we can help you to make change, then contact us today.