I worked on a cattle station in the Pilbarra region for 7 weeks from 1st November to Christmas which involved driving around the 1 million acre station in heat up to 47 degrees C! Fixed windmills, assisted in teaching 2 children, gardening and caring for a herd of goats, chickens and 4 calfs! It was absolutely amazing and loved every minute!

I also went on a 2 week road trip with a friend from the UK to the south of Western Australia – terrific fun!

At the end of January I spent 4 days in Singapore, fitting in as much as possible! Loved the city and would love to live there for a while in the future.

Beginning of February I arrived in Nepal and have already been on a 3 week trek on the Annapurna Circuit including crossing the world’s highest tourist pass – involved climbing 1000m to 5416m above sea level and then descended 1600m all in one day. I used the lightning process to prepare and during this day as I got very bad altitude sickness/sun stroke but I did not use it well/enough times and found the journey very challenging, difficult and painful. But I made it alive!!  It was absolutely one of my all time life experiences, I had a wonderful time, the scenery was stunning and  it fascinating  to see different Nepalese cultures

In a few days I am going on a 2 week trek to Langtang National Park where I will be climbing a peak to nearly 4500m and then I am doing Everest Base Camp via another pass apparently more challenging – so gives me lots of opportunities to practice the lightning process and more challenges to overcome! I am very much enjoying pushing my body and seeing what I can  now achieve – I still can’t thank you enough for teaching me the lightning process, you enabled me to gain my life back and so much more. I did not have the confidence to do this before I was ill but now with the lightning process as ammunition to overcome the most difficult situations, I feel invincible!!

I have also been eating dairy, tried pasta, coffee, brownies, rice, buckwheat apple fritters and pancakes, chocolate puddings, cocktails and goodness knows what else – with no reactions!!!! I did not expect to have such a culinary experience in Nepal and Singapore, it has been delightful to taste all of their wonderful foods!!