Recently, I have been inspired by a quote that you may be familiar with:

“It is never too late, to be what you might have been…”
George Elliot

So, today I wanted to write a post on how not to give up!  This is so crucial when you want to achieve a certain goal that is meaningful to you. Lots of clients will say things like, “but I’m already 35, 50, 70 – is it too late for me now? Absolutely not!  Everyone is entitled to a fulfilling happy life.  Trouble is, at times it takes intense effort to create a life you love, whether you’re recovering from a chronic health condition or wanting to achieve another goal.  What I’ve found is if you are choosing to take the path of a life YOU love rather than conforming to what you think you SHOULD want then you’re going to need a certain degree of courage (you can read more about courage here).

So here are some tips for moving forwards…

Are you alive?  Weird question and I’m hoping the answer is ‘yes’!  If you’re alive remember that anything is possible!  It’s good to bring it back to basics and gain some perspective.

Be patient with yourself.  Michael Jordan missed over 300 important shorts but he never gave up.  You will make mistakes from time to time.  Success takes time so be patient with yourself.  Give yourself permission to learn.

Persist, persist and persist some more!  I read somewhere that the main characteristic that ensures someone reaches their goal is not talent but persistence.  They are prepared to do what others can’t be bothered to do.

Negative comparisons are a waste of time and energy.  Ever compared yourself to people who have already succeeded?  I often have to coach around this when a client negatively compares themselves to an LP success story they have heard.  Remember people have their own back-story and you don’t know what was happening behind the scenes.  Once you’ve dropped those comparisons you are freed up to walk your own path.

It’s darkest before the dawn.  This is a weird one and hard to explain, but what I’ve found is that it is indeed darkest before the dawn; sometimes just before success you face the worst!  At this point a lot of people with give up, but if you just hang on in there and keep going you reach that transformation turning point.

I hope these tips have helped and remember it’s never too late – start now, keep going and you’ll get there!

At times it’s enough to be on your own side or have friends and family members there, cheerleading you on! At other times you may need to check in with a practitioner so if you need support from me or my team please get in touch…