It all started in October 2011.  My husband suddenly complained about heart pain and we went to the emergency room.  The diagnosis came back with a virus infection and he was sent back home.

The next day I encountered also heart pain coupled with difficulties breathing.  I ignored it and kept on going.  But over the next few days I became more tired and it didn’t get any better.  So I went to get my blood checked.  There were also indications of a virus infection.

My conditions got worse and about a month later I was so exhausted and brain fogged I was not able to drive my car or to take care of my kids and the household.  I had to essentially lay down after 10 minutes to recharge my batteries or when I was on the phone.  The simple act of talking or even laughing was just immediately draining my energy and made me shake so I had to stop.  I had difficulties breathing and my pulse was racing when I got up from laying down.  My parents moved in and helped me manage my life and family.

This is when my odyssey to many doctors started.  I went to cardiologists, respirologists, neurologists, acupuncture, physical therapy, had MRI’s taken of my heart, my lungs and my head.  None of it came up with a clear diagnosis nor therapy other than resting and waiting it out.

It took almost 3 years before I could say that my energy level was nearly as good as before it all started.  Then suddenly, after 3 years I realized it got worse again.  It turned out that it all came back, not as strong as the first time but bad enough that my energy level dropped drastically.  I was in despair. I was not ready for it to start all over again.  My neurologist recommended a lumbar puncture but afterwards I only felt worse and in lots of pain.

I didn’t know what to do.  I remembered that my voice coach had talked about a friend of hers in Norway who seemed to have had very similar symptoms as mine also over a few years, but then had apparently found help in London somehow, which ended her horror forever.

I contacted her and she gave me the email address of her friend in Norway.  She answered me with her story that ended with attending the Lightning Process seminar in London 8 years ago.  Since that time she has never been as sick again. She told me to find out if there was anything like that offered in Germany, meanwhile I googled it and found Phil Parker and his team in London and some offerings in Norway, Netherlands and France, nothing in Germany.

I spent a lot of time studying The LP website and listening to people who have attended the seminar before.  It all sounded incredible and too good to be true.  If I would not have found that Norwegian lady and her story with the happy ending I probably would have not believed it at all.  Too many people try to make money out of your misery.

I was committed to give it a try after all.  If it worked for the Norwegian lady it could also work for me.  But when you google you also find a lot of negative information.  I was in shock and didn’t know what to do.  I went forward and backward.  I booked a consultation call with a LP practitioner after all.  I wanted to find out more about it.

In my call I was asked all kinds of questions.  It was almost like a test that I had to pass in order to be able to attend the seminar.  I also had to listen to some audio material in order to get prepared.  My practitioner answered all my questions with a lot of patience.  I had big doubts if I was capable of traveling all the way from Germany to London for that seminar but a lot of sick and even sicker people had done it before me.

After long considerations and getting green light from my practitioner, I decided to book the 3-day seminar.  There was nothing to lose.  If I didn’t go, I had no other options open for therapy because I had tried all of them and they hadn’t worked. I didn’t want to continue my life like this.

I flew to London in the morning.  My first class started at 1 pm so I had to go there directly with my luggage.  I felt really tired.  My doubts came up again.  If I am overdoing it I will feel terrible for the next days.  I know that from before.

The Seminar lasted 4 hours.  I felt exhausted afterwards and took a taxi to the hotel.  I was jumping into bed immediately, unable to get up again and go down for dinner.  I just skipped it and went to bed early after watching a movie.

The next morning I went for a brief walk before class.  I didn’t feel a big change in my symptoms.  I attended the second seminar in the afternoon and became slowly restless, since I couldn’t really feel remarkable improvement, whereas some of the other seminar participants confirmed they would feel better already.

I talked to my practitioner after the seminar and she recommended to go through the process once back at the hotel, but write all the steps down in German, my mother tongue.  And that is what I did.  I read over it several times and this is when I could feel a rise of energy afterwards.  Unlike the night before I got ready to go down into the lobby for dinner.  I sat at the bar and even had energy for joking with the bar tender.  I was impressed.

The next morning before class I decided to go for a longer walk and that was no problem.  I was very happy to report that in my last seminar.  I became hopeful it could work for me, finally.  After the seminar I went for an even longer walk in town, longer than I’d walked for a long time.  There was no problem, again!

I flew home the next day with lots of determination to make this work. Whenever I felt tired I applied the process.  That wasn’t always easy.  I remember one time when I went for the first time to a small party again until midnight.  I went even though talking to people felt still exhausting to me.  But I wanted to prove I could do it.  Not enough I even picked up my teenage daughter after midnight from her party by car.  My body was shaking and I felt miserable but I did it anyway.  And it worked.

I applied the process each day on my dog walk.  In the beginning I did it many times a day, whenever I felt tired.  But after a few days I noticed I would do it less and less because I didn’t need it anymore.  My energy was rising with every day.

A week later I traveled to Berlin with my teenage son for a couple of days. I still had to do rests in between but I could not have imagined doing it before I went to London.  I was driving the car again.  I went to concerts.  I went on long up hill dog walks with my husband talking at the same time.  I did my Pilates and felt good afterwards.  I checked in with my practitioner regularly by phone, discussing achievements and how to further be patient in building stamina.

By last summer I felt great and although I can still not handle stress as well as I could before I got sick, otherwise I can live a normal life and enjoy it again.  Now I am starting to become restless again, thinking about what I will do with my life, now that the kids are getting older and slowly leaving the house.  I am seriously considering attending the training and becoming a LP practitioner myself. Especially in Germany I could make a difference because there is nothing available like this as far as I can tell and I could help many people who have been suffering with similar conditions for years.

The Lightning Process is discussed on the web very controversially.  The only way to find out if it can work is to try it out for yourself.  I think the tricky part is indeed first to believe in it and second your discipline afterwards in applying what you have learned consistently and not giving up too quickly.  For some people it takes longer than for others.  Looking back now a year ago, I am convinced it was the break through.  Even though I also took some supplements afterwards to support my overall minerals and vitamins I strongly believe that the Lightning Process has worked for me and gave me back my life and I am extremely grateful to have found it.