One thing that I have found really beneficial recently is having a morning routine.  The inspiration for starting this came from reading a book called ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod.  I decided I would give it a go and started the 30 day challenge, this morning was day 498 so I think that says it all!

What inspired me initially, was the idea that personal development goes out of the window once you get into your ‘normal’ daily routine.  By setting aside time to work on ‘you’ first, you can carry on with your day, having already nurtured yourself.

I keep an hour in the morning just for me, that is once I have fed Bella and the cats in order to get some peace.

I then take my time out to do the following:

5 mins meditation – simply focusing on my breathing.  Stopping my mind from wandering, is work in progress but I really love this quiet time.

Affirmations and self-coaching – I tend to freestyle a little, but it is all about reinforcing beliefs and especially the new ones I want to develop.

5 mins visualisation – setting myself up for a great day and future, by rehearsing exactly, how I want things to be.

10 mins journaling – this is a new one for me and I’m finding it very therapeutic.  I include all sorts of things, depends on what is happening or the thoughts that are flowing through my mind.  It could be things I’m grateful for, reflecting on the previous day or listing my intentions for the day ahead.

15 mins reading – I’m finishing books at an impressive rate and enjoying the knowledge I am gaining in the process.  They are a great source of inspiration for work (like this newsletter), I also love learning and reading provides that extra opportunity.

30 mins walking – I take Bella for a walk and she is always happy to oblige.  It’s great to get moving, breathe in fresh air and it often provides an opportunity to take a few photos along the way.

Sometimes I have to shortcut it, if I’m on a tight schedule but that’s OK – I just do a little less time on each element.

So my question to you is: when can you claim some time in your day, to work on yourself?

Make a commitment to yourself of when this time is, how long you have, and when you are going to start.  Think about the different elements you could include that would really benefit you, and write them down, allocating a time to them.

Now get started!  It’s not set in stone and you can change it, give it a go and see how you get on.  Commit to your routine for a month to really make sure you have embraced your new habit of taking time out to develop yourself.

If you’re feeling stuck in patterns and routines that aren’t good for you, contact us to find out how we can help you.