Some of the main questions we get asked at the Lightning Process talks, are based around people’s biggest concerns about doing the training.  So I thought I would share our clients feelings about their experience, in their own words.

I have included a sample of the feedback from 20 clients following day 3 of their training.  They share their biggest concerns before doing the Lightning Process, and how they felt once they had completed it.

Before: Would it work for me? Would I be able to apply it?
After: I have used it to make amazing changes.

Before: That I wouldn’t be able to make the changes I hoped for.
After: I’m so glad I went for it. The changes in just a few days have been amazing.

Before: That it won’t work.
After: Proud to have achieved.  Hopeful and confident.

Before: Not being worthy (ill enough).
After: Happy.

Before: That I would be too sceptical to apply the Process properly.
After: It wasn’t a problem at all.

Before: That I wouldn’t find it helpful.
After: It is very helpful.

Before: That it wouldn’t work for me.
After: That it can work for me.

Before: That I would spend a lot of money and it wouldn’t work for me.
After: Much more confident that it will work if I am disciplined and do it!

Before: That it wouldn’t be helpful.
After: Positive and able to implement the LP in my life.

Before: Sceptical, thinking it won’t work.  Not relating to me and my concerns.
After: Opposite.  I feel I understand and that it does work.

Before: The it would tire me out / get my hopes up for no reason.
After: It hasn’t.

Before: That it wouldn’t work, make me feel worse or I wouldn’t be able to do it / it wouldn’t work for me.
After: I’m sure it has worked over the last 3 days.  I know I can do it.  I’m 85% sure it will work for me long term.

Before: That it would be complicated and difficult to apply.
After: No concerns.

Before: That I wouldn’t be able to do it.
After: I believe I can.

Before: I wouldn’t see results and I would feel like a failure and have thrown money away.
After: Very positive, able and excited.  Slightly nervous but not too nervous.

Before: That it might not work for me.
After: It has shown me that it is possible and that I have control of my future.

Before: Not knowing what was involved.  Doubt over effectiveness in such short space of time.
After: Reassured, calmer, armed with new tools/ knowledge.

Before: I would not be able to do it.
After: Very optimistic.

Before: Not being anything new.  It not working.
After: I feel these were misplaced.  I had heard of pretty much all of this stuff but the format is so approachable and I needed the ordering.

Before: That I wouldn’t be able to take in the info and therefore apply the training.
After: Confident in my ability to change my life prospects.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Lightning Process training and would like to have a chat, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.