Positive Changes during the seminar:
Day 1 ceased hair pulling, felt happier than in a long, slept well for the first time in a year.  Day 3 tension went, calm breathing, had a future.

Positive Changes since the seminar:
9 days of hair growth, no longer has CFS :-), loving my life, done two days of work, feel in control of my life and body

(I wanted to continue on a separate sheet as there have been so many positive changes)

I came to the LP because of my Chronic Fatigue of 1 year and all its associated health issues.  The quality of my life was poor and limited and I had terrible guilt that it was affecting my immediate family.  I have a 3 year old child and any energy I did have went to her alone and my loving husband got nothing.  I felt I was in a downward spiral of one step forward and two steps back.  I now realise I have lived most of my life since a young child with a ‘Tiger in the Room; and had always been having health crashes.


9 days on from day one of the LP course, I am unrecognisable!! I am loving the new Me and my life, making progress in all ares I never imagined or even knew I needed to make progress in!  I’ve fully committed myself to the LP and have enjoyed all the supporting materials and podcasts.  My rewards have been amazing! The Chronic fatigue is no more and apart from a few physical symptoms that pop up due to dome Duings, I am on the road to complete rehabilitation!  A massive added bonus is that my habitual chronic hair pulling (80+ head hairs a day) ceased on day one and I am now enjoying my 9th day of luscious hair growth.  It’s wonderful to look at the hairstyles I can choose from in a few months time!  I have managed four days of self employed work and found chunking down my day really keeps me calm and on track.  I have connected with my art background and been to some galleries.  Taken walks on my own and started to find myself again, I’m not just a mum I am Melinda,  I use the LP to guide myself when I need it throughout the day.  I have been on lovely mornings out, spent time with friends, started to organise Christmas so it’s a relaxed affair for once! Each day I wake up and count my blessing and each night I look at what positive changes I have made.

Thank you Phil and Claire for starting me on my way to the life I deserve.

From Melinda
Took the LP for CFS, Hair pulling since 9 years old, Depression, Body tension/pain/dizziness