We were recently contacted at the office by a client who was celebrating her 10 year anniversary of being well, prior to taking the Lightning Process she had had CFS/ME for 13 years.  She wanted to celebrate this amazing milestone by taking a refresher with one of my team as she wanted to ensure that she was continuing to use the Lightning Process to be the best she could be.

We know that there are lots of clients out there who have used the Lightning Process to regain and sustain their good health.  I designed the Lightning Process 20 years ago this year but it never gets old to hear from clients about the successes they have achieved!

Please contact us to let us know your story and to help others hear about the Lightning Process and the possibilities that it offers.

If you are interested in taking a refresher course then the next one we are running is on Thursday 21st March with experienced practitioner Jacqui Aston – you can find out more here…