Hi Phil, it was my LP anniversary a few days ago and I just had to give you an update after the life-changing day I met you this time last year.

I had planned to send this message on the exact day but I have just been SO fantastically busy I didn’t have any time ( true proof for you that I’m a genius now :) ) I have just come back from the school French exchange after having spent a week in Lille with the most wonderful people and have had one of best experiences of my life, SO much fun and brilliant sparkle on a trip that just would not have been possible to even consider a year ago- Something I could only ever have dreamed of.

I am forever grateful to you and the Lightning Process for giving my life back after 2 years of M.E. and it makes me so happy to know that every day you are changing people’s lives in beautifully brilliant ways just like you have mine.

Going on the French exchange has been such a landmark for me in making me realise just how healed I am.

So grateful and happy right now and this has only reinforced my passion for wanting to come and train with you in the future. I’ll stay in touch, hope everything is fantastic with you. Rosie x