We received a follow-up e-mail from a client who did the Lightning Process with one of our practitioners at Head Office in December last year, after chronic fatigue was preventing him from engaging in his much loved physical activities. Michael was one of those clients who did not get an immediate change in his health, but he consistently applied the tools, worked with his practitioner during follow-up time, with fabulous results. Michaels biggest concern about doing the Lightning Process was ‘failing’, which was addressed before and during the seminar. We’ll let Michael tell you himself how he is getting on now, three months after the training:

“I have just finished a hyper-intense week of ski training here in the French Alps and I passed a technical exam which means I know have an internationally recognised ski instructor qualification (ISIA).

The Lightning Process has been the backbone of my success. As well as using it to overcome my fatigue symptoms it has served to keep me calm, focused, in the zone and positive all the way through, what is considered by many, a gruelling five days. Other candidates remarked on my calmness throughout the exam.

Basically, during the exam, the trainers spend 5 days with you on the snow for roughly 6 hours per day where you are asked to perform various runs on piste off piste in the bumps. It is physically demanding, and mentally exhausting. I have attempted the exam twice before and I was nowhere near the required level and also during the exam due to stress my performance dropped. Last years’ attempt was particularly tragic as I was coping with Chronic Fatigue and Moderate to Severe Depression and I pulled out after three days, finding the whole thing simply overwhelming.

As well as finding improved energy levels the process helped me through the exam. Every time I was told to make a change in my skiing I did a process on it, using brain rehearsal to ingrain the change they wanted. I used it to remain calm during high pressure moments when my performance was under a lot of scrutiny. I used it to stay positive throughout.

I thought you would be interested because it demonstrates just how the process is a one-stop-shop personal development tool and things that seemed impossible just weeks ago have been achieved by using it.

Another thing that helped was using music. For a long time my weak strand in skiing has been the bumps (moguls). I can do them, but they can really psych me out. And when they do, I ski them terribly. They have always been my achilles’ heel. I always thought I would never get through the exam because of them. Someone recommend a great u-Tube video of great bump skiers of the late ‘80s and it had a funky tune in the background. Basically I watched the video a number of times looking at their technique and then spliced the music from the video and put it on my iPhone. Every time I did a bump run during the exam I put the music on and it immediately took me to that video. The result was that far from failing in the bumps, I actually stood out in them and they were considered to be someway above the required level. I was flabbergasted!! Amazing the power of the modalities really!!!

Once again, thanks for your help. Look forward to updating you on more achievements as and when they come!”