“The LP course and support was a game-changer for me. Prior to the course, I was in recovery from Hepatitis A virus and glandular fever.  Whilst I was gradually getting better I could not seem to shake my fatigue and brain fog despite it being 12 months on. I was only working ¾ days and exercise was limited to short walks. Prior to this I was surfing lots and even completing half Iron Mans.

My practitioner was fantastic at explaining the process clearly. The best bit about the course is it is interactive and you already start the journey during the sessions.  This gives you the chance to practice with the practitioner to ensure you are doing it correctly.

The course gave me the tools and techniques to be positive and retrain my brain and body to carry on its recovery. I am now working full days and exercising daily – last week I cycled more than 150 miles and surfed 6 hours.”