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My Miracle by Ali

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in April 2003. The standard treatment of methotrexate helped to a degree, but I suffered very badly with fatigue, which is one of the symptoms of RA. I was subsequently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and had to retire on ill health. My daughter was four years old at the time. The fatigue never lifted, but I had patches when I could cope a little better, life was limited.

After a specifically bad patch in 2012, I started some Perrin technique treatment, picked up a little, then had an operation to remove a lump on my throat – after which it was all down hill. My fatigue worsened over a period of nine months, until I was bed-ridden, and became unable to hardly speak to my daughter. After 5 months of Perrin treatment, I finally got downstairs, but was still unable to sit up. A major relapse put me back in bed, at which stage desperation initiated my family to find alternative treatment. The GP kindly visited regularly but could do NOTHING to help me.

A contact of the family had had the Lightning Process treatment and my sister spoke to her mother and was convinced with the first hand advice that I should give it a try. I had now been diagnosed (understandably!) with CFS or M.E (as opposed to fibromyalgia – the RA has clouded the issue all along).

After talking to my sister ( I was bedridden, hardly able to get up that day) and making the decision to try the process – I suddenly felt a bit better and was able to get up and wash my hair, and eat some lunch. Something had happened subconsciously with this positive decision, and it had affected my body – it was a moment Jenny (my sister) and I will never forget. I knew there was hope.

Jenny spoke to Helen James, an advanced practitioner in LP. She agreed to a home visit, and after two long weeks (in which I marginally improved by recounting my ‘hair-wash’ tale) I was ready for my training course.

Three days of gob-smacking, amazing, inspiration, excitement and joy.

The first day I went downstairs (I had been bed-ridden for seven weeks this time).

The second day, I went to my Mum’s round the corner, for a cup of tea (and cakes!)

The third day, I went out for lunch, locally, with my husband Marcus.

Just unbelievable, so exciting, so happy and joyous for us all. So emotional for my family, and especially my daughter Lizzie (almost 15 now).

I truly believed and knew there was a connection between my positive decision to go ahead with the training, and my mind and body.

Being a keen tennis player all my healthy life, I had coached youngsters many times, and this I found really helpful in coaching and training my mind – and still do. Helen was awesome in her training, and has supported me ever since.

Three months on, I am running the house, gardening, playing tennis, cycling, visiting friends and having an amazing time with all my family. We have been on holiday and my daughter is simply shining with joy.

My body is recovering gradually, and I am looking forward to the “Life I Love” as I know I will improve further and look forward to a life with only R.A! (by the way, that has improved too – my inflammatory bloods are down!) – win, win I say.

My eternal thanks to Helen James ( my LP Practitioner), my dear husband and family, and my sister Jenny for her never ending support.

Believe, and you can have the life you love too.

(the book “Get the Life you Love Now” is awesome too).


There were a few comments on the post which are worth including:

Anna: I had a similar experience…I was on a downward spiral believing that my life would forever be controlled by this awful illness (CFS/me).I remember so clearly the afternoon I discovered the existence of LP, and how much it lifted me-emotionally & physically. Within hours I had made contact with my practitioner and just over a month later I was starting my very short road back to full health. I’m now back to full-time work, exercising, socialising…and loving every minute! So thankful for LP and that I found it when I did. Forever grateful!

 JB:Anna I find this so hard to believe

 Clare: Me too I waited years and did other treatments swallowed pills and potions and 2 weeks ago I did the lightening process….. You would not believe what I’ve done since then .,.., I was so sceptical but it’s totally worked !!!! Amazing and simple x