This is from the amazing Rosie, who used the LP to get over CFS/ME. She’d been off school with it but used the LP to get back to full-time schooling, to catch up with her subject and has just got her GCSE results…

Hi Phil,

Had to get in touch quickly after my GCSE results!
On seeing my results I was shaking, all A*s apart from an A in Geography (3 marks off! Fingers crossed for remark!) and full marks in two subjects – LP gets incredible results!

So happy as after the work we did with LP on belief in maths and making it sparkly paid off, my maths teacher even hugged me as he knew how much it meant to me!! Second best in year, to my best friend :)

I had to tell you Phil as you have been part of this team, and I truly feel like I opened that envelope with you, Linda, Alexa and everyone that has supported me through it present there.

You know through seeing me mid-exams for a session I was not only working on hitting my academic potential but also on aspects of my health too, so these results mean so much more to me on the journey to get them.

I can’t thank you enough Phil, really, my mum was saying today there was a point when we never even thought I would be sitting exams again or seeing this day..where would we be without the LP?
Back to school next week for me!

Thank you for everything and hope you’ve had a lovely Summer,
Rosie x