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Amelia’s Update After a Year

Colours of happinessI received this lovely update from a client’s mum…

Just thought I would email you as Amelia completed her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh practise expedition at the weekend.  This is truly amazing bearing in mind that when she did the Lightning Process last May I had to bring her in a wheelchair.  Over the weekend she had to walk 10 miles each day, put up a tent and camp overnight carrying a heavy rucksack, she was determined to do it with no special concessions and she did!!  This is an amazing advert for the Lightning Process as she had to implement it all weekend to boost her energy levels. She is a bit tired and sore this week but no more than her friends. We couldn’t have dreamt of this a year ago!

We promised Amelia a puppy while she was unwell, she chose a toy poodle as she wanted a clever dog to train and do small dog agility.  Darcy is now 9months and can do many tricks and Amelia is looking forward to doing agility with her another key to her recovery!