Post-Course Support

Having undertaken the Lightning Process 12 years ago for chronic fatigue – I knew just how much of an incredible process it was. I began ‘doing’ anxiety  a few years ago – I was surprised that the process wasn’t my first thought to help me combat my problem. But as soon as I remembered, I straight away put it into action – but soon realised I was a little rusty. I looked into the refresher course and booked immediately- knowing full well this would help me no end, and quickly. Jude was amazing and brought to life familiar techniques I had forgotten and introduced me to new methods which was incredible to learn. One session and a follow up – and I was good to go – giving me the clarity I needed to move forward with my life and to help me become motivated to put my problem to bed. A refresher course was exactly what I needed – blowing the cobwebs away.


Once you have taken the Lightning Process seminar there are lots of support options available to help you to maintain the changes you have made.

Ongoing resources
There are lots of resources available to you, which are included in the price of the seminar, to help you to stay on track after the course:

Phil’s post-course audio programmes
Phil has created a series of audio programmes designed to support you in using the Lightning Process in different areas where some people become stuck.  These are great if you need immediate support before contacting your practitioner and for keeping you on track after the seminar.

Group refresher sessions
We regularly run group refresher sessions – these are an opportunity to work on any new issues that have arisen since your LP training, or to refresh your skills, in a supportive small group environment.

1:1 refresher sessions
We offer the opportunity to individually work with an experienced member of Phil’s team on the LP – generally refreshing your knowledge and tailoring the Process to your current challenges.

Additional phone coaching appointments
Included in your package are 3 hours of support with your practitioner – for many people, this is enough to help them to establish their changes following the training.  However, some people prefer to have ongoing support with their practitioner, which is available either as one-off calls as required or as a package of calls.

One to one appointments
Phil and his team also offer the opportunity to work with them, 1:1 to address a particular issue or to provide you with additional support.  They have an expansive toolbox of skills which they can use to support you with many issues.

“When I signed up for a 1:1 Lightning Process refresher session, it has been 12 years since I had first learned the process. I had got a huge amount from that course, and had found a way to turn my health around and get a new lease of enthusiasm for life. With my health problems gone, however, I had lost touch a bit with the actual steps of the process and how to use them – even though I had kept much of the positive attitude adjustment. When I found myself facing a new set of health and stress problems, I felt that to get on top of things I needed to do more than re-read my old Lightning Process notes and muddle through. 

I’m very glad I signed up. The Lightning Process has evolved a little in the years since I learned it, and the practitioner refreshed my knowledge of and connection with the process very effectively. In a two-hour session online (with a follow-up call a week later), she helped bring the process back to life for me, updated me on some refinements to the steps and helped me feel ready again to re-use it as a tool for self-transformation. Working via computer was surprisingly easy and thanks to a series of useful exercises, I felt I was back on the horse quickly. My understanding of what I can use the process for is also newly expanded – I don’t intend to use it just to break cycles of self-monitoring and to keep my health up, but also to motivate me to meet new challenges in all sorts of other areas. My practitioner knew her subject very well, had an intuitive grip of how to help me through it, and was very supportive and approachable. If you also find your connection with the process has got a little rusty, I would strongly recommend you to think about a refresher session too.”