The inspiration for this article comes from a book, ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen R Covey.  I love his description of how we have a circle of influence, which fits in brilliantly with the teachings of the Lightning Process.

Imagine you have an inner circle which is your ‘circle of influence’.  Those things would include anything that you have the power to influence directly including what you do, how you feel, your health and general well-being, your productivity etc.  These are the things you can access and influence directly.

Now imagine you have an outer circle which is your ‘circle of concern’.  These are the things that are outside of your circle of influence but, includes anything that concerns you.  Some examples of these could be the economy, family members, problems at work, time passing by, or unrest in the world.  These are the things where our choice is, over how we react to them, rather than being able to influence them directly.

Often our focus in on the circle of concern.  Much of our time and energy is eaten up, worrying about things that we have limited ability to change.  This is where you become reactive to things that are happening around you, you can end up feeling like a victim of circumstance and that you have no choice over your life.

Instead, by focusing on our circle of influence, which incidentally is where people who are happy and proactive in their life focus.  By doing this, your circle of influence will grow, and as it grows, you will grow with it.

There is a prayer that sums this up brilliantly:
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can; and
wisdom to know the difference

So, what can you do to increase your circle of influence:

Step 1:

Make a list of the issues, challenges and problems you are facing.

Step 2:

Work out which ones are within your ‘circle of influence’ and separate them from those that are in your ‘circle of concern’.

Step 3:

Take your circle of influence list. Work out which one of those things you could improve or change, that would make the biggest difference to you.

Step 4:

Break it down into simple steps – what is the first step you could take now, to improve your situation?

“You are more influential in your life than you can ever imagine.”  Phil Parker

If you struggle worrying about things that you can’t influence, contact us to arrange a chat to find out how we can help you.