We are creatures of habit; we go about many aspects of our day in a completely automatic way.  It’s time to become aware of your habits and work out which ones are useful to you.  You can then address the practices are not serving you.

How often do you wish you had time to try something new?  Whether that something is doing yoga, learning a language or taking art classes, you’ve never quite gotten around to it.

Instead, chunks of your time is eaten up with things that aren’t serving you.  This could be watching trashy TV programmes that you’re not really that interested in.  You could be wearing the ‘busy badge’ and doing the little jobs that you think you ‘should’ do, but in reality aren’t a priority.

Whether you waste an hour here and there, or hours within your regular routines, this wasted time is stopping you from trying out the new things.

Identify which habits and routines are eating your time up unnecessarily, and stop doing them.  Take this new found time to try out something from your wish list.

Do you find yourself being over critical?  Whether this is about you or others, if you’re constantly looking for fault, that will become the reality you live in.

Your filters will be set to recognise any mistakes being made and suddenly your life will be full of ‘idiots’.  This habit will become so well practised; you will be able to spot the culprits a mile off.

Notice the times you find yourself criticising and take a minute to reflect on why.  What is going on here?  Decide whether this behaviour is useful to you and if it isn’t, make the choice to let it go.

Change your focus to recognise something positive about yourself or the other person your criticism is aimed at.  This will help you to change your filters to more life enhancing ones where you start looking for the good in people.

Do you get stressed when life isn’t going your way?  You may start to act like life is a constant emergency, running from one thing to another without even pausing for breath.  Everything starts to get on top of you and you feel overwhelmed at the slightest thing.

Live like this and your life will quickly become a reflection of this, as stress will become your natural setting.

Instead, take some time out, calm yourself with a few deep breaths (or the Lightning Process if you know it) and get some clarity on the situation.  Give yourself the space to work out what is actually going on and focus on the solution rather than the problem.

Adopt new and life enhancing habits.  Work out what new habits will be most useful to you and make time in your day for them.  I started a morning routine 60 days ago and I am loving it, but that’s a whole different post!

Spend time focusing on positive qualities like compassion, kindness, peace, calm or acceptance and bring them into your life.

Ultimately, decide what you want your life to reflect and make sure it is represented in the habits you have, and therefore the life you are living.