Dr. Brené Brown at the UP Experience in 2011 discusses what hope really is.

We live in a culture of scarcity.  How there is never enough time, or money.  You wake feeling you haven’t had enough sleep and go to bed thinking you haven’t done enough that day!  Sound familiar?

Brené researched people who feel worthy.  She found the language they often use include words like: tenacity, perseverance and struggle.  In the end, she realised, they are coming from a place of hope.

From research, Brené  suggests hope is a cognitive thinking approach and not how we feel.  It is how we think, and importantly, hope is teachable.

Those with high levels of hope set goals, they cultivate ways of achieving their goals and have the belief they can do it.

Hope is the function of struggle, the people who have the highest experience of hope, also have the highest levels of failure.  Tenacity and struggle come into it.

There are so many examples today where we do not allow children to have any experience of failure or hard work.  The downside of this, they miss out on experiencing the moment of moving from failure, to success.  This is a gift!

Hope brings people together from a place of struggle, through hard work to achievement.

Watch Brené’s talk, her examples brilliantly demonstrate what hope is.