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Time for Giving and Receiving

Considering that Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, we can often we get caught up in the material aspects and some of the softer sides are completely missed.

What I am referring to, is not about just focusing on giving to others, but importantly, allowing yourself to receive too.  There is a balance here if you give – someone is receiving – it’s a simple equation.  You need to ensure you that you are open to receiving in order to fully enjoy the thoughtful and lovely moments available to you over this festive period.

So here is my challenge to you – I want you to start to develop your ability to receive, get comfortable with, and start to accept those moments for yourself.

And remember, the people in your life also want the experience and pleasure of giving to you too.

“Don’t let your pride rob someone else of their joy of giving… it’s a beautiful dance… this GIVING and RECEIVING!!”  Heather Powers “Grateful Girl”

Accept compliments

Are you someone who brushes off a compliment as if it was nothing?  Consistently coming up with lines like ‘what, this old thing’ if someone says they like the top you are wearing?

Instead, take a breath before you say anything, smile and say ‘thank you’.  It is really that simple.  You can then enjoy the compliment for how it was intended – as a compliment to you.

Say ‘yes’ to help

How often do you find yourself running around trying to get everything sorted out when someone asks what they can do to help?  You find yourself automatically saying ‘nothing’ when you really could do with some support.

Time for a reality check – you are not superhuman!  You are not expected to do everything perfectly and you are allowed to have some time out to enjoy Christmas for yourself.

It is ok to have help!  So whether it helps with shopping, a lift home from a party or clearing up after dinner – say ‘yes’ and give yourself a break!

Ask for help

It is an interesting concept but you can ask for help too!  Your family and friends will be pleased to contribute to the task in hand if they know.  So work out where they can take some of the pressure off of you, and if there aren’t any offers, ask!

‘Thank you’

Thank you is such a powerful phrase and something you probably find yourself saying regularly.  Ensure you are receiving all of those that are directed toward you and accept them as positive reinforcement for something you have done, no matter how big or small.

Acknowledgement and gratitude

Get into the habit of reflecting on the good things in your life on a daily basis no matter how small they seem – they will soon add up.

Whether you choose to write a journal or just think about the things you are grateful for, consider them as mini gifts that you are treating yourself to.  By allowing yourself time and space to consider the things that make you happy, you will be accessing all kinds of amazing thoughts and memories which will feel good too.