Labels are very powerful and are potentially limiting your success.  If you’re struggling to address certain challenges in your life or health, look at the labels you’ve given yourself.  There will be some big clues there and deciding to drop any that aren’t useful will help to get you going again.

A label aims to capture the entirety of a person or group in a word or two.  What may look to simplify on the surface, can trap you in a belief system that is not useful. Labelling yourself is limiting who you are as a unique individual.  There are so many factors that create you as a person, you are doing yourself an injustice trying to describe yourself using labels.

You give yourself a label to explain things, but they become your identity and a self-fulfilling prophecy.  They are what you call yourself in your head and how you describe yourself.

Labelling yourself as being part of a group can help you to feel part of a community.  It can help you to feel like you belong, but it can also limit you from making your own decisions and being an individual.  A group label can also encourage competition and make you less tolerant of those outside your group.

The Lightning Process (LP) is all about being the best version of you possible.  Whilst we understand the importance of community, we also know, the only person you can directly influence or be responsible for is yourself.

How can you expect to change if you consistently refer to yourself with a particular label?

  • I always get sick
  • I’ll never be a success
  • I’m an emotional wreck
  • I’m an insomniac

Creating these labels results in you viewing everything through this filter.  You will constantly look for evidence that reinforces the labels you have.  There is no room for change and growth while you carry negative labels about yourself and your health.

How to change the labels:

Listen out for the way you label yourself in your thoughts

Decide if you want to carry on with this story or whether you want to change it to be the best version of yourself.  Negative labels are keeping you stuck so use this awareness to identify labels you need to address.

How are the labels you have for yourself limiting you?

If you repeat the same story over and over again, how will that work out for you?  Do you want to be known as this person?  Are the labels factual or are they labelling a limiting belief you have about yourself?  What are the lessons you can take and what do you want to change this label to in order to support you?

Take the opportunity to reflect on whether you actually want to own this label or whether you want to change it to something positive and supportive.

Change the label

Start to wobble the old label by providing evidence of times when that label has been wrong.  For example, if you label yourself as someone who can’t cook, but you do a mean risotto, there’s your evidence.  Alternatively, use examples from family or friends who have achieved what you want to.

Decide what you want your new label to be and reinforce it with affirmations and self-coaching.  Be kind and compassionate to yourself and just because something didn’t go right for you, it doesn’t make you a loser for life – we all make mistakes.

Make the decision to own the new, positive label and use every opportunity to reinforce the new label that will support you to move forward with your life.

If you need help changing the limiting labels you have, contact us for a chat to find out how we can help you.