I hope you’re feeling refreshed and ready for the New Year.  This is the time of year where we can get a little carried away setting ourselves goals that are totally unrealistic.

Did you set any New Year’s resolutions?

How do they compare to the ones you set last year?

Did you succeed last year?  If not, why?

So often we start the New Year full of promise of how things are going to change.  What life will be when we have achieved what we want and everything and is perfect.  Then after only a few hours/days/weeks, the metaphoric mountain we have set ourselves to climb has become an impossible challenge, and we give up.  The 17th January has been named ‘Ditch the New Years’ Resolutions’ day when most of us have fallen completely off track.

How about trying a different approach this year?

Instead of setting a lot of different goals like: get fit, give up chocolate, stop drinking, loose weight, meet a new partner, get a new job, de-clutter the house etc., (which just thinking about everything is a little overwhelming!), this year we keep things simple?

How about setting a focus for the month with a reasonable and achievable goal attached to it?  This will help you form new and useful habits and then you can add to them throughout the year instead of trying to do everything at once.  Before you know it, you will be reflecting this time next year and feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished.

I adopted this approach last year and started a new focus a few times across the year and I’m very pleased with my achievements.  For example, I had a 6 week goal to loose a stone for my husband’s 50th birthday last summer.  I got into the swing of eating healthily, decided to keep going and I’m now at a healthy weight for the first time in 20 years!

I also started a personal development morning routine with a 30 day challenge.  I’ve been enjoying the benefits of taking time for myself at the start of my day for over a year and absolutely love it.

If I had started 2017 trying to do everything, nothing would have been accomplished.  Because I focused on one thing for a short period of time, I created new habits that I have been able to add to.  I am convinced that this is the way to go, focus on one thing in each area of your life and do it.  Then once you’re in the habit, add something else to the mix.

I found it really helpful to write down or reference my intentions and keep them in places where I’m regularly reminded of what I am working towards.

My current focus is to embrace simplification in all areas of my life.  Anyone who knows me will know I find a good de-clutter quite therapeutic.  This exercise is about bringing my focus onto the essential things and letting go of the things that no longer serve me.  So for me, that is spending time with my nearest and dearest, and unsubscribing to the newsletters and social media platforms that are taking up space.

Start your year by taking a step in the right direction and you will soon find you are on your way to achieving great things in 2018.

If you need help finding direction this year, contact us to find out how we can help.